Looking for a Second Passport? Check Out the 12 Fastest and Easiest Countries to Obtain Citizenship

We will examine 12 of the fastest and easiest countries to get a second citizenship in this article.

Globalization has eroded the boundaries that once divided societies, countries, and individuals, promoting a sense of mutual acceptance. In this rapidly changing world, uncertainty has multiplied, with geopolitical conflicts disrupting people worldwide. Economic turmoil, such as the 2008 financial crisis and the recent Covid-19 pandemic, serves as a reminder of the havoc unpredictability can wreak. To adapt to these new challenges, people are recognizing the importance of safeguarding themselves through various means, including obtaining dual citizenship. As of 2021, 2.1% (1.26 million) of individuals in England and Wales held multiple citizenships. Across Europe, there was a 14% increase in EU residents with citizenship in 2021. The United States also continues to welcome immigrants and has naturalized around 7.7 million citizens in the last decade alone.

As of 2020, approximately three-fourths of countries permit dual citizenship. Although this has global significance, certain regions have shown quicker acceptance rates (the Americas and Oceania) compared to others (Asia and Africa). The majority of companies in America (91%) and Oceania (93%) have embraced dual citizenship, followed by Europe (80%), Africa (70%), and Asia (65%). Currently, the attention is not solely on acquiring a second passport, but also on identifying the most expedient and effortless countries for obtaining citizenship.

Second Citizenship Vs Dual Citizenship

As the idea of “one citizenship one passport” began to lose popularity, many countries started making policy changes due to the acceptance of dual citizenship. It is crucial to distinguish between dual citizenship and second citizenship. While dual citizenship allows an individual to hold passports from two nations with the recognition of rights and responsibilities by both countries, second citizenship only grants multiple passports but recognizes the person as a citizen of only one country.

Interpreting Fastest and Easiest Countries for Second Citizenship

As individuals, we each have our own unique needs and perspectives when considering which countries to acquire second citizenship from. It is wise to personalize our choices according to our preferences, but it is essential to approach this decision with caution. Differentiating between dual citizenship and second citizenship is crucial. While many countries now allow dual citizenship, there are still some that do not recognize this option. Pursuing it may result in losing one’s original citizenship.

In general, there are multiple ways to acquire citizenship, such as by birth, descent, naturalization, marriage, or investment. Depending on personal circumstances and preferences, one particular form of citizenship may prove to be the quickest and simplest path towards obtaining a second citizenship. However, not all countries permit citizenship through all these avenues and some may not be suitable for certain individuals. For instance, while investment programs have been linked with fast acquisition of citizenship, they often require a substantial upfront investment that may not be feasible for most people. Therefore, it is imperative to carefully evaluate such programs and consider the type and amount of investment required before choosing this expedited approach. In conclusion, when deciding on the speediest or easiest countries for citizenship acquisition, it is essential to make an informed decision that is tailored to one’s personal circumstances.

Exploring the Growing Trend: The Prevalence of Second Citizenship

One renowned individual known for acquiring second citizenship through naturalization is Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: PYPL), Palantir Technologies Inc. (NYSE: PLTR), and the first outside investor in Facebook—now known as Meta (NASDAQ: META). Thiel’s personal journey serves as a source of inspiration for many, having immigrated to the US at just one year old and working hard to achieve great success as an entrepreneur. He began with PayPal Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: PYPL) and later founded Palantir Technologies Inc. (NYSE: PLTR). Although he is no longer involved with Meta (NASDAQ: META) or PayPal Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: PYPL), he remains Chairman of Palantir Technologies Inc. (NYSE: PLTR). Since 2011, Thiel has also held citizenship in New Zealand.


In compiling our list of the top 12 countries for obtaining second citizenship, we have utilized data from the CIA’s World Fact Book. This source has allowed us to identify nations that permit dual citizenship. We have also used this book to gather information on countries that offer multiple avenues for obtaining citizenship, including birthright, descent, and naturalization. Those countries meeting these criteria have been included in our initial list. To further refine our selection for the fastest countries, we have examined the length of residency required for naturalization – an achievable process for most individuals. The countries with the shortest residency requirements have made it into our final list. In cases where residency requirements are equal, we rely on the Passport Index 2024 ranking as a tiebreaker.

12. Jamaica

Birthright citizenship: Available

The residency requirement for naturalization is 5 years for citizenship by descent only

This idyllic destination has attracted numerous foreign residents. Boasting exceptional culinary options, breathtaking scenery, top-notch healthcare and education amenities, and a cost-effective lifestyle comparable to its Caribbean neighbors, Jamaica offers a myriad of opportunities. Additionally, the country allows dual citizenship, making it an attractive option for individuals. Attaining citizenship can be accomplished through various methods, including naturalization which requires a minimum five-year residence and evidence of financial stability. Therefore, Jamaica deserves recognition as one of the quickest and most accessible countries to obtain a second citizenship.

11. Belize

Birthright citizenship: Available

Residency requirement for naturalization: 5 years for citizenship by descent

This beautiful Central American nation has become a favored destination for numerous expats, particularly retirees. Its affordable cost of living, tax incentives, and welcoming locals are just a few of its many attractive qualities. Moreover, the country’s recognition of dual citizenship status adds to its appeal. Additionally, obtaining residency is made easier with a low physical presence requirement. However, the Qualified Retirement Program does require a 30-day consecutive stay each year in order to achieve citizenship within five years.

10. Guatemala

Birthright citizenship: Available

Naturalization requirements for citizens by descent: 5 years of residency

Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and ancient Mayan monuments, Guatemala has much more to offer than just scenic beauty for potential citizens. With easy access to over 110 countries, a thriving economy, low taxes, and affordable living costs, this country is a highly appealing choice for a second home. Additionally, Guatemala is one of the countries that allows dual citizenship and offers straightforward application processes. Naturalization can be obtained in just 5 years with the requirement of not being absent for more than 6 consecutive months or a year in total. During the first year, applicants must spend at least 21 days in the country and then 28 days in each of the following two years. These conditions make Guatemala stand out as one of the fastest and most convenient options for obtaining dual citizenship compared to other nations.

9. Dominica

Birthright citizenship: Available

Residency requirement for citizenship by descent: 5 years

Dominica, a Commonwealth Nation, is a top choice for individuals looking into second citizenship. With exclusive perks in the UK and visa-free access to 50 countries, this Caribbean Island has much to offer. Aside from its stunning landscapes, Dominica provides favorable options for gaining citizenship. As one of the countries that allows dual citizenship, it offers multiple routes to obtaining citizenship, such as birthright, descent, and naturalization. The latter is often the simplest route and entails a five-year residency requirement. Therefore, Dominica stands out as one of the swiftest and most convenient options for acquiring second citizenship.

8. Barbados

Citizenship by descent: Available Residency requirement for naturalization: 5 years Citizenship by birth: Available

Barbados, a stunning Caribbean Island renowned for its vibrant culture and natural beauty, is an exceptional option for those seeking a second citizenship. With a high quality of life and access to top-notch healthcare and education facilities, it is a compelling choice for aspiring immigrants. The country has streamlined policies in place that make obtaining citizenship relatively hassle-free. Additionally, legislation is currently in progress to expedite citizenship for Liberians. Recognizing the concept of dual citizenship, Barbados also offers birth and descent-based citizenship options. The process of naturalization can be completed within just five years, making it one of the most convenient and efficient routes to a second citizenship among other countries globally. Hence, Barbados is widely renowned as one of the quickest and most straightforward countries to acquire a second citizenship.

7. Chile

Birthright citizenship: Available

Naturalization requirements for citizenship by descent: 5 years of residency

Obtaining citizenship in this South American nation unlocks a range of opportunities. Boasting a strong economy and stable political climate, citizens can enjoy numerous perks. These include visa-free travel to various nations and significant tax reductions during the initial years of settling, making the Chilean passport highly desirable for expats. Additionally, Chile offers multiple avenues for acquiring citizenship, including birth, descent, and naturalization. The minimum residency time for naturalization is just five consecutive years, making it one of the swiftest routes available, particularly for those unable to afford purchasing citizenship. Moreover, there are no language or age requirements, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.

6. Grenada

Birthright citizenship: Available

Residency requirement for naturalization: 4-7 years for citizenship by descent

Like other Caribbean nations, Grenada has a plethora of perks available for its inhabitants. From its stunning natural landscapes to financial benefits, top-notch healthcare, and educational options, the nation entices many individuals seeking dual citizenship. However, the appeal of Grenada goes beyond these factors. It offers multiple pathways to citizenship through birth, descent, and naturalization, without requiring the renunciation of previous citizenship. Furthermore, Caribbean citizens have the advantage of a shorter 4-year naturalization process compared to the 7 years required for other nationalities. Additionally, no physical presence is necessary. As a result, Grenada rightfully earns its spot on the list of the quickest and most convenient countries to obtain a second citizenship.

5. Canada

Birthright citizenship: Available

Only citizenship by descent is available

Naturalization requires 3-5 years of residency

Canada is well-known for its welcoming policies towards foreigners and abundance of opportunities for immigrants. Its top-notch education and healthcare options are major draws, inspiring many to strive for Canadian citizenship. The nation allows dual citizenship and offers multiple paths to obtain it, including through birth, ancestry, and naturalization – a process accessible to the majority of individuals. Meeting the requirement of living in Canada for at least 3 years within the last 5 years completes the naturalization period.

4. Bolivia

Birthright citizenship: Available

Only citizenship by descent is available

A three-year residency requirement is required for naturalization

This nation in South America offers a wide range of advantages to those seeking dual citizenship. These include tax-free residency, both for local personal income and foreign-sourced income, as well as affordable living expenses. Accessibility to residency is one of the reasons why Bolivia is considered one of the easiest countries for obtaining citizenship. Additionally, the naturalization period is only 3 years, which is relatively brief compared to other countries. As a result, we confidently place this country at number five on our list of the simplest and quickest places to acquire a second citizenship.

3. Paraguay

Birthright citizenship: Available

Only citizenship by descent is available

Naturalization requires three years of residency

Paraguay’s passport holders have access to visa-free travel in 141 countries, along with tax and social benefits and a low cost of living. They are also able to maintain their original citizenship. Paraguay offers a variety of options for citizenship and only requires a physical presence of 183 days per year for three years, making it one of the most convenient countries for obtaining a second citizenship. The naturalization process is quick and involves a $5000 deposit in a bank located in Paraguay.

2. Peru

Birthright citizenship: Available

Only citizenship by descent is available

Naturalization requires two years of residency

As a nation that embraces dual citizenship and offers various means of acquiring citizenship, this Latin American country stands out as an appealing choice. It allows for obtaining a residency permit through attending school, starting a business, or having a monthly income of $1000. With the residency period potentially leading to citizenship in just 2 years, Peru boasts the potential to be one of the swiftest and simplest routes to obtain a second citizenship.

1. Argentina

Birthright citizenship: Available

Only citizenship by descent is available

Naturalization requires two years of residency

The Argentine passport is highly valued on the passport index and offers numerous advantages to those who obtain it. One of the main perks is being able to travel to over 150 countries without a visa. This second nationality opens doors to regions such as Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, and South America. Another advantage is that Argentina has relatively uncomplicated procedures for obtaining citizenship, with various options available. The sole requirement is proof of a $1000 income. In addition, it stands out as the quickest country for acquiring second citizenship, with a naturalization period of just 2 years.

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