Exploring the 10 African Countries with the Weakest Passports: Q1 2024 Rankings

The issue of weak passports has been prevalent in some African regions. Residents of countries with strong passports can travel visa-free or visa-on-arrival to a variety of destinations.

Citizens of countries with weaker passports face a number of challenges, such as lengthy visa applications, higher costs, and lengthy wait times to travel.

In addition, weak passports can have a stifling effect on the growth of tourist sectors by limiting the number of foreign visitors.

In addition, individuals with limited travel options may have difficulty exploring new markets, stifling entrepreneurial initiatives.

Africans are beginning to see the benefits of strengthening their passports as the global community grows and becomes more integrated. However, some countries on the continent are finding it challenging to strengthen their passports.

Several factors can lead to a weak passport, including political tension, diplomatic difficulties, and insecurity.

According to the passport index released by Henley and Partners for Q1 of 2024, the following are the 10 African countries with the weakest passports.

“The Henley Passport Power tool features 199 countries and relies on World Bank and other publicly available national GDP data as well as Henley Passport Index data.”

RankCountryEconomic Mobility Score (Visa-Free Access to Global GDP)Global Visa-Free Access (Out of 226 Destinations)Global Rank
5.South Sudan2.56%46171st
8.Democratic Republic of Congo2.96%46167th

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