Discover the Top 10 Most Affordable Countries to Live in Africa in 2024

We all want to live in the best places, drive the best cars, and take vacations in the best places.

We will discuss ten of the most affordable countries in Africa in this article, as information is the key to life.

Cheapest countries to live in Africa and the cost of living index 

RankCountryCost of living index 

1. Tunisia

The Tunisian government provides subsidies for basic goods like bread, milk, and petrol, which helps to keep prices low for consumers. That is one reason why Tunisia is ranked first on this list with a cost of living index of 25.43.

It is the most affordable country in Africa to live in and is located in North Africa.

2. Egypt

We rank Egypt in second place on our list of least cheap countries in Africa to live in because of its very low cost of living index, which stands at 29.09. The country is in North Africa. Currency: The Egyptian Pound is weaker than major currencies like the US dollar, euro, and British pound.

The cost of living in Egypt is very affordable, with a basic meal costing around $2. Transportation is also cheap, with a one-way bus ticket costing about $0.30.

3. Algeria

As the largest country on the continent, Algeria has a diverse landscape that extends from the Sahara Desert to the Mediterranean coast. A major city like Algiers can be quite expensive to live in, but smaller towns and cities can be more affordable.

Food is also relatively cheap and readily available in the country as it is in most of the other countries mentioned earlier in this article. Transportation is also very affordable.

4. Uganda

The country is located in East Africa and is known for its natural beauty and friendly people. Its cost of living is relatively low, and the cost of food is affordable, with a basic meal costing about $1.50.

Uganda occupies the fourth position in our least expensive countries list with a cost of living index of 31.72.

5. Nigeria

Known as the giant of the continent, Nigeria is ranked 5th on our list with a cost of living index of 31.75. Despite the fact that the country is blessed with massive natural resources, it is the largest economy on the continent. Despite the fact that the country’s economy is not the best, it has a number of programs aimed at ensuring the sustainability of citizens, especially those aimed at reducing transportation costs.

As a result of the country’s rich agricultural industry, food is cheap and readily available, with a basic meal costing between $1 and $2.

6. Rwanda

You should also take note of Rwanda on our list, although the country has struggled with bad governance in the past few decades, it has made significant strides toward economic development in the last few decades. With a cost of living index of 34.01, the country is the sixth cheapest country in Africa.

In addition to its visible economic growth, Rwanda also boasts stunning natural beauty, including the iconic Volcanoes National Park, where mountain gorillas can be seen in their natural habitat. After the 1994 genocide that killed more than 800,000 people, Rwanda has made significant strides towards unity and reconciliation.

7. Morocco

Next on our list is Morocco, most people may not know this, but the country offers a very good standard of living in Africa, and it is also known for its rich and long-standing culture. As a result of its favourable weather conditions for agriculture and low labour costs, the country has a cost of living index of 34.59, near Tanzania’s.

As a result of its fertile farmland, Morocco is able to cultivate a wide variety of crops, including wheat, olives, and fruits. Morocco has cheap and easy to access food. Therefore, if you want to live in Africa at an affordable rate and still enjoy the comfort of life you have always desired, Morocco is the place to go.

8. Tanzania

Our list of the world’s eight most expensive countries includes Tanzania, which has a cost of living index of 35.07. Its location in the eastern part of the continent makes it an ideal place to live, with an average cost of living between $700 and $1800, and a robust wildlife history and tall mountains. The country is also a safe place when it comes to security.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the cost of living in the country varies from city to city when compared to other countries on the continent that don’t have so much to offer.

9. Zambia

With a Cost of Living Index (CDI) of 35.59, Zambia ranks ninth among the 10 most economically prosperous countries in Africa. Due to its stunning natural beauty, friendly locals, diverse cultural heritage, and pristine wilderness, this country is among the most affordable destinations in the world, despite its relatively high living costs compared to its neighbors.

The cost of living in Zambia ranges from $600 to $1200, depending on the size of the family and their preferred lifestyle, due to Zambia’s landlocked status.

10. Kenya 

Kenya is ranked number ten on our countdown of affordable countries on the African continent based on the Cost of Living Index, with a score of 39.26. Although the country’s cost of living is generally low, personal spending habits and preferences may have an impact on overall expenses.

Kenya is about 45% cheaper than the United States, while Nairobi, the capital, is about 50% cheaper than London. Average monthly living costs in Kenya vary between $700 and $2500.

In conclusion

While these countries offer a lower cost of living compared to many Western countries, it is important to note that salaries and wages are sadly lower. Before moving to one of these countries, one should carefully consider their income and expenses. The people of these countries should exercise caution and take the necessary precautions to ensure their safety, even though they are generally safe.

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