The UN’s Efforts to Combat Desertification: How They’re Holding Back the Sahara Desert

The Great Green Wall of Africa is a massive project spanning over 8,000 kilometers across the continent, with the goal of restoring degraded land and combating desertification.

The land recovery project that Millison visits in Senegal is just one small but vital piece of this larger initiative. As he travels through the rural countryside, he is struck by both the beauty and harshness of the landscape – vast stretches of barren earth interspersed with occasional patches of greenery.

Upon arriving at their destination, Millison is greeted by local farmers who eagerly share their success story. With guidance from permaculture experts, they have implemented a system known as “zai pits,” which involves digging small holes in the ground to capture rainwater and increase soil fertility. This simple yet effective technique has transformed their once dry and infertile land into a thriving farming community.

As he observes these innovative methods in action, Millison can’t help but feel hopeful for what it could mean for not only this community but also for other similar regions facing environmental challenges. The impact goes far beyond just providing food security – it also creates economic opportunities and empowers communities to take control of their own future.

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