Francis Ngannou’s Bold Prediction: Anthony Joshua Won’t Recover from a Punch Like Tyson Fury Did

In their upcoming heavyweight clash in Saudi Arabia, Cameroonian mixed martial arts fighter Francis Ngannou believes Anthony Joshua would not be able to recover from a punch similar to the one he landed to floor Tyson Fury.

Anthony Joshua will be competing in his second boxing match against the former UFC champion.

In an all-around impressive performance, Ngannou knocked Fury to the canvas in the third round with a brutal left hook.

A similar blow to Joshua’s earned him a fight against Joshua at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh on March 8.

I have my doubts about that,” Tyson said when asked about taking the same punch on DAZN. “I saw him come back from knockdowns like crazy.”

I think he’s probably one of the most resistant people out there, and that’s no disrespect to him.

It is unlikely that AJ would accept what Tyson did.”

According to him, even if I knocked him down, I wouldn’t get excited.

“That wouldn’t mean anything since he always returns.”

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