Tony Tetuila Talks About Eedris Kicking Him Out Of Remedies Despite Tony’s Mum Paying For The Group.

In an explosive interview, Nigerian hip-hop artist Tony Tetuila opened up about his tumultuous relationship with fellow rapper Eedris Abdulkareem and the controversy surrounding their former group, The Remedies.

According to Tetuila, he was kicked out of the group by Abdulkareem despite investing a significant amount of money into its formation.

Tetuila revealed that it all started when his mother offered financial support to help kickstart The Remedies. He shared how proud she was of her son’s musical talent and wanted to see him succeed in the industry. However, things took a turn for the worse when Abdulkareem demanded that Tetuila give up his stake in the group or be pushed out completely.

Feeling betrayed and hurt by this sudden ultimatum, Tetuila chose to walk away from The Remedies rather than lose everything he had invested. This decision led to a bitter feud between him and Abdulkareem that has lasted for years.

Reflecting on this experience, Tetuila expressed disappointment in how things turned out but also acknowledged that it taught him valuable lessons about trust and loyalty in the music industry.

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