Rivers Trouble: Mangus Abe Sends Fresh Warning To Wike, Fubara

Wike Vs Fubara: What Rivers Mangus Abe Sends Fresh Warning To Wike, Fubara

Former governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Rivers State, Senator Magnus Abe, has issued a warning to the political leaders in the state, urging them to exercise restraint in the interest of the people.

Speaking on ARISE NEWS Channel, Abe said, in any society there are kingmakers but there are no king removers, warning that those who want to remove the king may be charged with treason. He emphasized the need for a peaceful resolution and stressed that those attempting to overthrow the existing political leadership could be charged with treason.

Abe urged the warring factions, including Federal Capital Territory Minister Nyesom Wike and Governor Siminalaye Fubara, to “cool down and settle their differences.” He emphasized that the primary concern for political leaders should be the welfare of the state’s residents, rather than engaging in power struggles to maintain their political positions.

Addressing the ongoing crisis, Abe highlighted the common practice in other states where outgoing governors select their successors. He stressed the importance of managing the transition effectively, allowing the new leadership to take charge without interference from the former leaders. Abe urged leaders to avoid creating friction between themselves and their successors, emphasizing the need for a smooth handover of power.

Abe concluded by calling on all political actors to manage the situation more effectively, preventing Rivers State from continually making negative headlines. He encouraged other states to handle their issues, allowing Nigerians to discuss a range of challenges while Rivers State focuses on its development.

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