Rivers 10th NASS caucus declares support for Wike

Amidst political crisis in Rivers State, the state caucus of the 10th National Assembly on Thursday paid a solidarity visit to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Nyesom Wike and declared their total support for him.

Addressing the Rivers National Assembly caucus, Wike was firm on daring to touch the political structures which have been built since 2015.

Wike made it clear that he is not interested in the governance of Rivers State as his hands are full on his new job as FCT Minister, but he will not allow anyone destroy the political structures he has built for years.

“I am not interested in the governance of Rivers State.  Am here as Governor in FCT, I am interested in the political structure we’ve built over the years in Rivers State.

“Anybody who tried it will get the resistance of his life, anybody who puts his hands in Rivers State political structures, what you see, you see,” Wike warned.

The Minister also cautioned those who believe unbelievable tales and said those who accuse him of demanding 25 percent are ignorant.

‘I was governor for eight years. Am now FCT Minister, not just minister and some will say that I am asking for 25 percent; that is madness.”

The minister, addressing the federal legislators, said in life, people should learn to appreciate those who in one way or the other contributed to their lives. He charged them not to disappoint the state and the country.

“Those of you that God has given the opportunity, don’t disappoint your state, don’t disappoint Nigerians. When you make a mistake, we will call you to order, take it in good faith, don’t say we are coming for kickbacks.”

Earlier, leader of the delegation, Kingsley Chinda, House of Representatives minority leader said the caucus was visiting to show solidarity and declare their unalloyed support for the FCT Minister and to express appreciation to President Tinubu for appointing Wike as FCT Minister.

He said: “We thank you for invaluable support for all of us. You supported us all through the primaries. You are the reason why we are in the National Assembly today.”

Commending Wike, they noted that in barely three months, Wike has changed the face of the FCT for his performance, just the way he did in Rivers State.

They also condemned the political crisis in the state and declared their total support for Wike.

Members of the Rivers State National Assembly Caucus that visited Wike were all three senators from Rivers State and 11 House of Representatives members:

There are Senator Barinada Mingi, Sen. Ipalibo Harry Banigo who was deputy governor to Wike when he was governor and Sen. Allwell Onyeso.

The Rep members in attendance were: Honey. Felix Nwike, Hon. Boniface Emerungwa, Blessing Emezureke, Victor Onozor, Fun Deakor, Solomon Bob, Kelechi Nworgu, Kingsley Chinda, Hart Cyril Goodwill and Allison Anderson.

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