Palestinian Supporters Jubilate As Israel’s Iron Dome Fails Again, Rockets Hit City

A video showing the moment Israel’s aerial defense system, Iron Dome failed to stop a rocket shot by Hamas terrorists has elicited mixed reactions online.

According to American reporter, Jackson Hinkle, the Iron Dome failed to stop a rocket that hit one of Israel’s cities on Sunday.

While some commenters have sympathized with Israel, myriad of pro-Palestine supporters expressed satisfaction with Jackson’s report.

Watch The Video Of The Iron Dome Failing Below

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Palestine during these challenging times. May peace and justice prevail,” a Palestinian Supporter said.

Mary Lincoln said: “There should be a ceasefire. The Iron Dome failing doesn’t mean any side is winning. Let us all call for a ceasefire not to celebrate news about the war.”

Meanwhile, in a related story, Hamas terrorists reportedly began to drag civilians in Gaza out of their homes to join its war with Israel.

According to Visegrad, Hamas stormed several homes in the middle of the night in search of young men to join them in war after the Israeli Army advanced in northern Gaza. CONTINUE READING


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