Naija’s Finest Stars Meet Tech’s Latest Wonder: Infinix Note 40 Series

Nigeria’s music icon, Davido, and Entertainment’s finest, Sharon Ooja, Timini Egbuson, Ms_DSF & Beverly Osu, showcase the elegance and functionality of the NOTE 40 Pro with innovative features that enhance every moment.

Davido and the All-Round FastCharge 2.0 Technology

Infinix’s All-Round FastCharge 2.0 is a hardware-level charging revolution that transforms charging experiences beyond speed. It is designed to keep users fully powered in every situation. It includes a 70W wired charging capacity that can boost the battery to 50% in just 20 minutes. The Note 40 pro also incorporates innovative modes such as Hyper Mode for even faster charging, Smart Mode for efficient daily charging, and Temp Mode to reduce heat buildup, ensuring the phone performs optimally without overheating.

Reflecting Davido’s versatility across musical genres and performances, the Note 40 Series offers various charging options for versatile charging in any scenario. It features a 20W wireless MagCharge in the box, offering the convenience of wireless charging. The device also supports wired and wireless reverse charging, turning the phone into a power bank to share power with other devices. This feature is particularly symbolic of Davido’s collaborative spirit and mantra of ‘’we rise by lifting others’’.

The MagKit accessory of the NOTE 40 Pro; MagCase, MagPower and MagPad, enhances the Note 40 Pro’s charging capabilities with magnetic attachments that elevate the charging process. This quick-snap feature is akin to how Davido’s music quickly catches on with listeners across the globe. The magnetic charging options reflect a modern, hassle-free approach to staying powered 24/7, essential for busy personalities like Davido, who are constantly on the move.

The partnership of Davido and the Infinix Note 40 Series illustrates a shared ethos of performance, resilience, and innovation. Both brands continue to lead and redefine the mobile technology and music industry, respectively.

Sharon Ooja and the 3D-Curved 120Hz AMOLED Display

Sharon Ooja, with her striking beauty and captivating screen presence, is the perfect embodiment of the Note 40 Pro’s 3D-curved 120Hz AMOLED display. This screen technology provides a visually stunning, immersive experience that makes content leap off the screen—comparable to Sharon’s ability to mesmerize and engage audiences on-screen and on social media. Much like Sharon’s effortless transitions across various movie roles, the 120Hz refresh rate of the NOTE 40 Pro ensures smooth navigation across apps. The elegance of the 3D curved design, coupled with the cutting-edge display performance, reflects Sharon’s physical grace and excellence in her craft.

Timini Egbuson and the Corning® Gorilla® Glass

The Infinix Note 40 Pro features the Corning® Gorilla® Glass. This robust material ensures the device remains scratch-resistant and durable —reflective of Timini’s strong presence in the competitive entertainment industry. Just as Timini stands out for his suave and resilience, the Note 40 Pro is uniquely equipped to handle the rigours of everyday use without compromising on aesthetics.

Beverly Osu and the 108MP OIS Super-Zoom Camera

The Infinix Note 40 Pro’s 108MP OIS Super-Zoom camera allows users to capture incredibly detailed and vibrant photos, much like Beverly Osu’s ability to captivate and hold attention in any visual medium. Her dynamic range as a model and actress mirrors the camera’s versatility in capturing stunning portraits and expansive landscapes with equal finesse. Users can zoom in without losing image quality, much like how Beverly captures attention with her striking features and charisma. This high-resolution camera allows for capturing moments with precision and clarity, a testament to Beverly’s impactful visual storytelling abilities.

Miss DSF & Sound by JBL Dual Speakers:

The dual speakers in the NOTE 40 series have been professionally tuned by JBL, ensuring a 360° symmetrical sound that is both uniform and immersive.

Like Ms_DSF, a prominent and celebrated DJ, whose lit vibes and ability to uniquely blend music genres guarantees her audience amazing experiences with every performance, the NOTE 40 series provides users a more captivating audio experience across music, videos, and gaming.

Echoing the high standards of Nollywood’s elite and the vibrant energy of Nigeria’s top musical talent, the Infinix NOTE 40 Series exemplifies a perfect blend of functionality and style, tailored specifically for individuals who require devices that keep pace with their dynamic lifestyles, and push the boundaries of innovation.

Embrace the choice of Nigeria’s finest celebrities; visit any authorized Infinix retail outlet and discover the power and elegance of the Infinix NOTE 40 Series.

See the stars shine in Infinix’s NOTE 40 commercials


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