“Kogi people go drink garri tire” — Newly elected Kogi Governor claims Garri was what sustained him in school

The newly elected Kogi state governor, Usman Ododo has caused buzz after a video of him claiming Garri was what sustained him in school surfaces.

In the video, the Governor was seen taking a plate of Garri and groundnut on his dinning table.

He claimed that drinking garri is a part of him and that was what sustained him while he was a student in the university.

The person behind the camera threatened to post it after the Governorship elections which held on the 11th of November.

Newly elected Kogi state Governor, Usman Ododo.

However, the new Governor could not care less, claiming he would keep drinking the Garri even after the elections.

Many Netizens have found the video funny, warning Kogi state residents go brace up as it might be a season of drinking Garri for them.

See some reactions:

@IKEMBA said: “Kogi people should get ready they will soak garri tire😂😂😂

@Samuel Oguche asked: “my God! why am I even from kogi state sef, with dis local people around me? like say make I change state walahi”

@user8743076461689 said: “If his Excellency is drinking garri, hmmmm am sorry for Kogi people. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@MOG wrote: “Politicians and Deception…Hmmm”

@Ozisanni reacted: “Tinubu said the youth will be drinking cassava ewa agbado and u think say nah joke 🤣 just dey play, Governor don lead by example 🤣🤣

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