JUST IN: Northern Group Threatens To Disrupt Food Supply To The South

A group called the Northern Consensus Movement of Nigeria has declared its intention to halt the supply of food from the North to the southern part of the country.

This threat comes in response to the recent ultimatum issued by Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, an agitator for the Yoruba nation. Igboho gave the Fulani community 10 days to leave Yorubaland.

The Northern Consensus Movement has vowed to take all necessary measures to prevent this action from being carried out. They further stated that if the threat persists, they will compel Yorubas residing in the northern part of Nigeria to evacuate their region.

A press conference held by the group’s President, Awwal Aliyu, on Thursday, included a video that has since gone viral.

Aliyu stated, “Recently, Sunday Igboho was released from prison, but he issued a fresh ultimatum for the Fulani community living in Yorubaland to leave the region within seven days.

“This time around, we, the Northern Consensus Movement of Nigeria, will do everything possible to stop this move. And if he resists our efforts, we will have no choice but to ask Yorubas living in northern Nigeria to go back to their region.”

The group also demanded compensation for the victims of the ENDSARs killings, the Shasha-Akinyele market incident, and the IPOB/ESN killings.

They noted that previous and current leaders across the country have ignored their pleas and various efforts to address their demands.

However, they issued a four-week ultimatum for their demands to be met. If not, they threatened to embark on a nationwide protest and disrupt all food supplies to the southern region.

“Regarding the issue of compensation for victims of the ENDSARS killings, SASA-Akinyele market killings, and the IPOB/ESN killings, we have been pursuing it for several years. Despite promises made by previous administrations, the Federal Government has refused to fulfill these promises.

“Therefore, we are calling on President Bola Tinubu to take action as we are giving a four-week ultimatum. If nothing is done, we will engage in peaceful protest, followed by a shutdown of all food supplies from the North to the Southern parts of the country.

“We have sent this demand and request to the President even before his election. All heads of security agencies, governors of the 19 northern states, former leaders and presidents, especially those from the North, are aware of it.

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