Japa: The rate at which Nigerians are leaving the country is worrisome – Nigeria Immigration Service

The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) has described the fast-growing rate of Nigerians leaving the country in search of better prospects as troubling.

In a talk on the scourge of smuggling of migrants during a sensitization campaign at the Enugu State Office on Thursday, Joachim Olumba from The National Intelligence Service (NIS) said

“Indeed, this program couldn’t have been held at a more appropriate time, considering the alarming rate for Nigerian youths to show interest in leaving their country. This has led to a worrisome phenomenon known as “Japa” in Nigerian parlance.”

The immigration boss says that the desire for Nigerians to leave the country comes from concerns such as economic, social, and security. He mentions that people are leaving in huge groups, especially the youth.

“To many people, the goal is more important than how they get there. Whether they’re smuggled or trafficked, or they even arrive via stowaway, the end result all looks the same. The vast majority are only interested in migrating to foreign lands.”

Olumba thought that the desperation had brought unspeakable and unprintable hardships on numerous Migrants.

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