Is Lagos on Track to Become the First City with a Population of 100 Million?

Lagos is already the largest city in Africa, with a population of over 21 million people. Its rapid growth can be attributed to several factors including its economic opportunities, geographic location, and cultural diversity. As one of the main commercial hubs in Africa, Lagos attracts people from all over the continent seeking better job prospects and higher standards of living.

It is also strategically located along the Gulf of Guinea, making it a key port for trade and commerce. Additionally, Lagos has a vibrant culture that celebrates diversity and encourages entrepreneurship.

However, with such rapid growth comes many challenges for this bustling metropolis. The city’s infrastructure struggles to keep up with its expanding population leading to overcrowding and traffic congestion. There are also issues surrounding access to basic necessities such as clean water and electricity for all residents. Furthermore, there are concerns about the sustainability of urbanization on both an environmental and social level.

Despite these challenges, experts predict that by 2100 Lagos will have transformed into a mega-city with advanced infrastructure and technology-driven solutions to address its growing population’s needs. It will likely become even more economically prosperous as it continues to attract businesses from around the globe.

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