IMPEACHMENT TUSSLE: Rivers Chieftains Reveal What Fubara’s Camp Uses Against Wike

IMPEACHMENT TUSSLE: Rivers Chieftains Reveal What What Fubara's Camp Uses Against Wike

Elders in Rivers State have reacted to the ongoing tussle in Rivers State leading to several political crisis.

The Rivers chieftains accused supporters of Governor Siminalaye Fubara of engaging in propaganda to tarnish the image of the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, amid the ongoing political crisis in the state. The crisis was triggered by attempts to impeach Fubara by State House of Assembly members loyal to Wike.

During a press conference in Abuja on Wednesday, Chief Ferdinand Alabraba, the leader of the Rivers Elders Forum (REF), stated that the Governor’s supporters were exacerbating the crisis by sponsoring media propaganda against Wike. Alabraba called on Governor Fubara to take immediate action to correct the false narrative against his predecessor in the media to resolve the political turmoil.

He further advised those encouraging Fubara to refrain from engaging in a futile battle with his predecessor and instead allow the Governor to focus on delivering democratic benefits to the people. Alabraba cautioned against the use of propaganda against Wike, emphasizing that it would only worsen the situation and deprive the people of the dividends of democracy.

In a statement, Alabraba said, ”Having spoken with Wike and Fubara and looked at the scenario critically, we wish to once again express our gratitude to Wike for the audience and amiable disposition to continue to work selflessly for our State and accepting the mediation of the elders.”

“We urge H.E. Sim Fubara to take urgent steps to correct the false narrative against H.E. N. Wike, providing an opportunity for mediation and progress. Our commitment to the people of Rivers State remains steadfast. They elected us based on our achievements under H.E. Wike, trusting that our political family’s candidate will continue these positive initiatives. We warn Governor Sim Fubara’s new allies to reconsider their actions before plunging the state into deeper crisis”, he added.

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