Ice Prince – Get At You Lyrics

GET AT YOU LYRICS, Written by Ice Prince.


Award winning rapper- Ice Prince comes through with a new song title- ‘GET AT YOU‘, See the Lyrics below.


I can`t lie to you
Girl you are my wife
And i can’t deny for life, for life

I can`t believe I`m still stuck out here
Thinking about you, how the fuck I care
Spuff my weed, puff inna the air
Mess up the whole damn atmosphere
Men I`m trying to be cool like my heart`s not bleeding
I`m even, acting Adam and Eve
Reading all the stuff that you written
I`m shivering
Holy garden of Eden

I`m feeling like Moses with a stick
Your legs like the ocean how they open up quick
It’s been a little rough
Thorns and thick
We fell for the aries and tongues and dicks
Let me remind you of this
My life like a movie, you are my Netflix
The rainbows up, Star don’t belish
Things that was talked back in primary 6 (six)

Girl you still mine
(Get at you)
Girl you know i can’t lie
(Get at you)

Girl you came into my life
When i need you the most
But then you left me, when i needed you the most
I’m all alone and am talking to a Ghost
Seems like you right there and i can feel you close

Maybe you another situation
We can plan a sit down and have a conversation
Because two wrongs never made it right
don’t never treat me like am not your favorite


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