Fubara’s Impeachment: Wike Issues Fresh Threat

Fubara's Impeachment: Wike Issues Fresh Threat

Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike has issued a fresh threat following the crisis that engulfed the Rivers State over the move to impeach Governor Sim Fubara.

He spoke when the Rivers lawmakers caucus in the National Assembly visited him on Thursday. Wike started by emphasizing the importance of unity and teamwork within the 10th National Assembly caucus of Rivers State. He urged them not to disappoint the state and advised them to work harmoniously for the welfare of the people.

Addressing the delegation led by Senator Barinada Mpigi and Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, Kingsley Chinda, Wike stressed the significance of acknowledging and rectifying mistakes within the group. He urged the members to accept constructive criticism and corrections, emphasizing the need for collective effort in maintaining their political strength.

Wike highlighted the challenges faced by the opposition party since 2015 and praised the unity and support that enabled them to withstand external pressures. He emphasized the unity within the political structure, which he has been building for years, and clarified that his interest lies in safeguarding this structure rather than pursuing the governorship seat in Rivers State.

Asserting his determination to protect the political structure, Wike issued a stern warning to anyone attempting to undermine it. He cautioned against interfering with their established political framework and threatened severe consequences for those who dared to disrupt it.

Wike said, “I’m not interested in the governance of Rivers State. I’m not interested. I’m here sitting as a governor, (with) all the functions I have. But I’m interested in the political structure of Rivers State which we have built for years. “If anybody dares to begin to bring it down, the person will face the crisis he wants in his life. Perform or don’t perform, but don’t touch our political structure. Anybody who puts his hand in our structure, anything you see, take it.”

Earlier, there were reports that the crisis in Rivers was caused by the clash between the camp of Governor Fubara and that of Wike over political differences. There were insinuations that Wike was fighting to secure his political structure which he feels Fubara was tampering with.

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