Fresh Details Emerge On Alleged Report That Peter Obi Plans To Leave Nigeria After His Loss

Fresh Details Emerge On Alleged Report That Peter Obi Plans To Leave Nigeria After His Loss

In response to speculations about former Vice Presidential candidate Peter Obi leaving Nigeria following the 171-day legal battle to nullify President Bola Tinubu’s election, Labour Party (LP) chieftain, Akin Osuntokun, dismissed the notion, emphasizing Obi’s contentment with his achievements.

Laughing off the rumor, Osuntokun stated, “Then you obviously don’t know Peter Obi. Why will he be frustrated? Tell me. After all, he is not desperate for power. He has virtually everything anybody can wish for in life. The status he has achieved is a big bonus in his life. Personally, as a person, he has grown a lot in stature for the majority of Nigerians to look to as a role model. That, to me, is a big deal. Why should any of that get him frustrated enough to want to make him turn his back on his country? Not at all.”

He highlighted that Obi is not driven by personal aspirations for power, stating, “What Obi has achieved, even in the little time he spent with the party, is still there. How can he then abandon all he has done because he didn’t get a judgment from the Supreme Court? Obi has no reason to be frustrated. He is not one who sees the aspiration to become the president of Nigeria as a personal acquisition. It is not a personal loss for him. It is a loss for the country. God has raised him far beyond what he was before. There is no logical basis to expect him to be alienated from Nigeria.”

Regarding the Labour Party’s future plans after the 2023 elections, Osuntokun expressed optimism about attracting frustrated Nigerians. He emphasized the need for the youth to find sanctuary in the party, criticizing the extravagant spending of other political groups. Osuntokun urged the public to play an active role in addressing the challenges facing the nation.

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