Lucas Hernandez, a France defender, is due to appear in court in Madrid next week and faces six months in prison, a judicial official revealed on Thursday.

The Bayern Munich player is scheduled to tell the court on Tuesday where he will spend his sentence for breaking a restraining order in 2017.

The injunction had been broken by the 25-year-old while he was playing for Atletico Madrid.

He has 10 days until his sentence begins.

The restraining orders were originally imposed on him and his girlfriend after a violent argument in 2017.

They were then caught returning to Spain together after getting married before the six months were up.

In Hernandez’s case, this was deemed a violation of the restraining order.

His now-wife reportedly got away with it because the original ruling had not yet been sent to her.

In Spain, restraining orders remain in place even in case of reconciliation because this prevents any kind of forced reconciliation.

Hernandez has protested his innocence in the case, while Bayern Munich have not commented.

The player is appealing at a higher court.

It is however reportedly unclear how soon a new court would deal with the case and whether the appeal would spare him from going to jail.

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