“Do I look like a sugar mummy” — 30 year old lady questions as 19 year old boy asks her out

A 30 year old lady questions netizens, wanting to know if she looks like a sugar mummy after a 19 year old boy asked her out.

The mature lady who narrated the video in a car was seemingly perplexed by the situation.

According to her, she had gone to Megachicken to get lunch when the boy approached her. She described him as being very skinny and estimated his age to be around 19 years old.

He called her mama, while asking her how she was doing. She didn’t see anything wrong with the question at first so she responded nicely.

After getting her package, he followed her to her car and asked for her number. The lady states she refused to give him while explaining she wasn’t a sugar mummy.

The mature lady narrated how this is not the first time as recently a 25 year old had asked her out as well.

She lamented she was also finding a sugar daddyas well and she doesn’t have any money to give young boys.

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