Capitalism go kill us!!! – Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti, Nigerian musician and activist, has been a vocal advocate for dismantling capitalism in his country and beyond. He passionately explains the negative effects of this economic system on society and why it is time to move away from it.

Kuti argues that capitalism promotes individualism and greed, leading to vast inequalities between the rich and poor. He believes that this extreme accumulation of wealth by a small percentage of people ultimately leads to poverty for the majority. This can be seen in Nigeria where a few elites control most of the country’s resources while the majority struggle to make ends meet.

Furthermore, Kuti criticizes how capitalism values profit over human wellbeing. This is evident in industries such as oil extraction, where companies prioritize their financial gains over environmental sustainability or the health of local communities. The pursuit of profit also leads corporations to exploit their workers through low wages and unsafe working conditions.

Moreover, Kuti highlights how capitalism perpetuates systemic racism and oppression. He points out how multinational corporations often exploit developing countries like Nigeria for cheap labor or resources without giving back or investing in local communities. This continues the cycle of exploitation and underdevelopment while benefiting only those at the top.

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