BREAKING: Veteran juju musician, Emperor Pick Peter, is dead

Veteran juju musician, Emperor Pick Peter, is dead.

The singer died today after a brief illness.

Peter Akanni Akorede, known as Emperor Pick Peter, is a Nigerian juju singer, guitarist, and founder of Identity Records. He was famous in the 70s for his steady hit songs and was considered a prominent juju musician. He began his career in 1973 with the release of his debut album, “Kango kango l’agogo n dun,” and went on to release more than 20 albums.

Ranking among the top five with the likes of King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey, Ahuja Bello and Dele Abiodun, Emperor Peter’s fame was boosted by his orchestrated squabble between him and King Sunny Ade which later involved Dele Abiodun and led to series of abuse laden album that sold like hot cakes in those days.

In one of his recent interview, Emperor Peters, who lived from hand to mouth before his death, told OrijoReporter, that the sad story of his journey from stardom to obscurity began in 1979.

According to him, “that was the day my promoter, Chief Bolariinwa Abioro, seized my entire musical instrument in 1979. Abioro was the CEO of my recording studio. Not only that, he seized the car and the bus they bought for me.”

On what led to Abioro’s decision that turned over the sad episode of his life, he has these to say: “He claimed that I breached the contract we had; which was not true. The car and the bus were given to me on installment and I had waxed four records in his studio without royalty. I built a house then and he wanted me to use it as collateral and I refused because the facilities we took from him is on the name of the organisation and not on my name.

“I told him that was not part of our agreement. He was not satisfied with my stance and he decided to reach for the big axe. He seized the instrument and gave them to my parker, Wale Abiodun, to lead my other boys. I can never forget that experience. It is unforgettable,” he had said.

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